West Legon (2014)

Single-channel video loop




West Legon is a passive observation of the seemingly mundane landscape of an affluent area in the suburbs of Accra, Ghana. Comprised of a series of quiet, unassuming scenes, the work appears on first glance to be a perfectly still image, the passing of time evident only in the subtle movements of distant trees. Occasionally, the landscape is interrupted by a passing traveller, shortly afterwards leaving the frame as unceremoniously as they entered, quietly continuing on their way and leaving the scene empty once more. Although each shot is carefully composed, the dirt paths creating consistent focal points throughout, this video is more about the act of observation than the subject matter itself. The lengthy shots create a sense of mounting anticipation that is never really resolved; we are waiting and we are waiting… until we aren’t. Perhaps it is this point of relinquishing expectation that the work aims to highlight. Almost a kind of anti-spectacle, West Legon seeks to embody the experience of being in an unfamiliar landscape, where the strange and familiar are intensified.